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Have you ever heard the phrase "Correlation does not imply causation"?
It will be the main topic of this meetup. When we want to answer questions about complex systems, we usually use methods that entail data collection and analysis. However, what we don’t always realize is that most methods used nowadays have a fundamental limitation: they cannot distinguish correlation from causation. In other words, they can detect patterns of events that tend to occur together, but they are of little help to tell us if one event is the cause of another.
The Causal Revolution is the dawn of new mathematical tools that allows us to perform causal inference on complex systems while at the same time allowing a great level of interpretability.

👨‍💻 About the speaker:
Amric Trudel graduated from McGill University (Montréal) and studied computer science at Ecole 42 Paris. He has been the president of 42 Artificial Intelligence, an association in which he developed a training program on Machine Learning and supervised the creation of two bootcamps for his fellow students. He has also had the occasion to offer Machine Learning initiation workshops for big company executives. He now works at OCTO Technology as a Data Science consultant and industrializes data-oriented projects for clients like InVivo, Accenture and Total.