What were you doing before joining the Data Science Bootcamp?

I was a back-end web developer, mostly working on personal projects.

What made you switch to a Machine Learning career?

My first ever encounter with machine learning was with Camile’s course and as we progressed in the course, I fell in love with the beauty of manipulating data and predicting/categorizing images and words with our models. It almost felt like magic to me! Close to the end of the course, I became certain that machine learning was my passion.

How The Practical Data Scientist bootcamp has impacted your career?

It literally “formed” my career! My first freelance job started a month after I finished the Practical Data Scientist bootcamp. If I had to choose, I would say the two most important impacts it had on my career are:
1 - Strong foundation in Machine Learning basics,
2 - The ability to find the datasets/documentations I need for new projects.

Who do you think the Jungle Program is perfect for?

People who are ready to get their hands dirty and dive into Machine Learning

What surprised you the most about the bootcamp?

Its practicality! When I passed my job interview for my first project as a machine learning engineer just a month after the bootcamp, I realized how much I’ve learned and how I’m capable of solving real-life problems with machine learning.

How do you describe the Practical Data Scientist bootcamp with Camille Van Hoffelen?

practical, fun, friendly, informatic

What would be the best advice for incoming students?

Take the tasks seriously! I believe the most important thing that made me learn so much was how I researched for the tasks, brainstormed with my classmates, and of course asked questions from Camille directly.

As a woman in tech which are some challenges that you face?

I think not being taken seriously as an engineer is probably the most common, yet the most annoying. The sad truth is that the initial reaction of people when a woman says “I’m a programmer” or in my case, a machine learning engineer, is a smirk! So we are not taken seriously unless we have a very solid, concrete accomplishment

What are your future projects?

Most of my future projects are related to my startup, Elaratech. My ultimate goal is to enforce machine learning into mobile applications, and web-apps to solve real-life problems. Right now my team and I are creating a Flutter app, with ML integration, for mini-bus scheduling in Georgia, which is a huge problem.

How do you feel about this new challenge?

I’m more than excited! I love hosting/co-hosting events and sharing my experience with others.

Could you share your favorite track or playlist for coding?

I mostly listen to ambient soundtracks, and this playlist:

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