Meetup May 10 - Camille Van Hoffelen

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Data Science is a weird and wonderful crossover between engineering, science, and design. Lots of cool things are built with Machine Learning - from self-driving cars, to Google search ranking - but how cool is it to build ML systems? This talk explores the AI revolution and what is special about ML and working with Machine Learning. We'll touch upon open source academia, experimental innovation, AI ethics, to reveal what's special about working with Machine Learning.

👨‍💻 About the speaker:
Camille Van Hoffelen has worked as a Machine Learning Engineer for the last 7 years (Seal, DocuSign...), with a focus on large scale Natural Language Processing systems.

He graduated with an MSci in Physics from Imperial College London, before catching the data science bug and diving into legal AI with Seal Software, later acquired by Docusign.

He was a lecturer in Machine Learning at Ilia State University, and remains an avid presenter at meetups and hackathons around Europe.

He is currently the CTO & Co-founder of Watergenics, where he strives to build a sustainable future for our blue Planet by augmenting water quality sensors with AI.