1- The prep work

Even though our course builds the foundations of data science and python from scratch, it’s best if you start with a little bit of preparation!

1. What is a programming language?
Learn what high level programming languages are, and why are they easier than low-level languages

2. So you wanna data science?
A basic set-up for starting your journey

So you wanna Data Science?
You there! Yea you! So I hear you want to check out some of that new stuff all the cool kids around town have been talking about — some of that Data Science. You probably heard something about it…

3. Programmer vs Machine Learning Engineer - The Truth about Data Science
Data Science is a weird and wonderful crossover between engineering, science, and design. Lots of cool things are built with Machine Learning - from self-driving cars, to Google search ranking - but how cool is it to build ML systems? This talk explores the AI revolution and what is special about ML and working with Machine Learning. We'll touch upon open source academia, experimental innovation, AI ethics, to reveal what's special about working with Machine Learning.

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4 . High-level overview of Python
Get comfy with Python, and get a high level overview of its capabilities!
Let’s go through the python essentials you need to comfortably deal with data. We’ll go through loops, lists, functions, and a bit of Object Oriented Programming.

🖥 Meetup presentation Download the pdf

Congratulations!  You are now ready to start the program ✨

5 . Workstation setup

Make sure to go through workstation setup before the first live course.
The workstation setup should take anywhere from 15mn to 1hr depending on your coding/terminal experience (and how fast your internet connection is cause that conda download is chunky…).  

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2- Questions

If you have any questions or need help with the prep work, please book the day and time that works best for you for a 15 min call.

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3- Alumni

Alumni story: Leonie Malzacher combines aerospace engineering and Data Science 🚀
Read Leonie’s story of how she did her research about aeroelasticity at MIT & TU Berlin, how she does data analysis in aerospace engineering, and you will know more about her new challenges as a Machine Learning engineer in the aerospace industry.
Alumni story: Amine Amanzou, from DevOps to Machine Learning Engineer.
Read Amine’s story of how he started his career as DevOps at Orange, his passion for building drones, and you will know how he’s using data science and machine learning skill tree to capture the emotions through his drone in dangerous environments.
Alumni story: Sofiane Kab, when Data Science Meets Epidemiology 🦠
Read Sofiane’s story. You will know how he is using a massive database for his research about hypertension and cardiovascular diseases. The importance of gaining skills in data visualisation with Python. His favorite project combining data science & epidemiology.